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Pallet Labeling
Pallet Identification Systems are one of the solutions we provide to manufacturers. These systems enable plants to automatically capture inventory by utilizing RFID and Barcode technologies integrated with a Custom Software Solution. Our systems are complete turn-key integrations with the end result providing the manufacturer with positively identified pallets of product and automatic inventory updates to the WMS.
Pallet Identification and Tracking with
Pallet License Plate Label LPN Barcode.p
The system software showcased above uses both RFID and Barcode identification. This customer had multiple palletizers feeding into two stretch wrappers and needed to identify the product before it was intermixed on the pallet conveyor. Using plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags. We were able to track a pallet of product from any palletizer, through the stretch wrapper, to pallet labeling and pallet LPN label verification. In the end, each pallet has been properly identified and added to inventory. Now the forklift driver only needs to scan the LPN and take the pallet to the put away location designated by the WMS.
  • Custom System Software Development
  • Print and Apply Label Applicators
  • Custom controls with PLC interface
  • Induct and Verification Scanning
  • integration to WMS / ERP systems
  • Industrial Embedded Control PC
What's on Your Pallet?
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