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MPS Palletizing System

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Over years of integrating identification solutions for manufacturers across North America, we have repeatedly seen the need for automatic palletizing. With our Modular Palletizing Solution (MPS), manufacturers can quickly and with minimal disruption, drop in a robotic palletizing solution with an impressive ROI.

MPS Features Include…

  • Collaborative Universal Robot

  • Touchscreen Interface

  • Two Pallet Positions

  • 900MM Vertical Pillar Assembly

  • Weight Capacity Approximately 21lbs (depending on tooling)

  • Cycle Rate of 5-6 per minute 

  • Multiple Pallet Patterns

  • Multiple End of Arm Tooling Configurations

  • Visual and Audible Alarms

  • Small Footprint 24” x 50” (for portable unit)

Universal Robot palletizing Rocketfarm

Available ADD-ON Components…

  • Infeed Conveyor

  • Conveyor Singulation

  • Slip Sheet Feeder

  • Area Sensors

  • Light Curtains

  • Full Machine Guarding

  • Upstream Case Code Printing

  • Barcode Verification

  • Pallet License Plate Label Print and Scan

Rocketfarm Pally UR10e
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